Simworx Pro Series GT V3.1 LC Pedal Set

Professional racing pedals, Hydraulically loaded Load Cell brake system & Over centre clutch, as real as you can get.

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Developed by Drivers for Drivers
Available now with optional Flying Heel Rest

The latest in Simworx Pro Series Professional GT pedals, Hydraulically loaded Load Cell brake system & precision accelerator, as real as you can get. Precision Engineered to a standard, not a price.

Designed in conjunction with Professional race drivers such as Scott McLaughlin from DJR Penske, Rick Kelly, David Wall Racing, Cam Waters, Jack le Broq, the end result is a pedal box that accurately reflects what real race car pedals feel like.

Simworx Pro GT V3.1 LC Pedals are suitable for high-end professional motorsport use. A durable Pedal design using 16bit USB electronics for instant and accurate response. Maximum brake force is 140kgs+ via a load cell activated cylinder connected to a CNC machined rocker arm with a set of adjustable dampers to fine tune the end pedal feel. Fully adjustable pedal geometry and pedal force with adjustable hydraulic damping on the brake cylinder guarantees correct pedal feel. Laser Cut and CNC machined components ensures tolerances have been optimized in order to eliminate unnecessary play. This Professional level pedal set can be used in the most demanding environments and is capable of simulating the pedal forces as experienced in V8 Supercars, GT3 and LMP-cars. Comes with two heel riser options and two Pedal Pad Options. Let us know at checkout which you prefer. It is recommended to invest in a set of racing shoes or karting shoes to get the most out of the realistic feel.


The Concept

The Pro Series range of controls are products that were designed and developed by SimworX with the ultimate aim of supplying the most realistic motorsport inspired controls for the ultimate virtual racing experience. Each product is pre-tested prior to shipping to ensure your investment is ready to go once you’ve received it. We continually upgrade our controls to ensure the pedals are robust and give positive feel and feedback. A 16 bit resolution USB interface ensures accurate pedal control whilst the unique Hydraulically loaded Load Cell activation system enables the braking system to be fully tuned in to your racing style. A load cell works the way it feels. It is measuring force (same as a brake) and feels like a brake because it gets progressively harder to get it to “max” due to the progressive brake pad resistance. The perfect pedal for sim racing is to have hydraulics in the system because that’s what real brakes are, and in conjunction with the load cell the force outputs to a 16 bit high resolution circuit board for accuracy.  Simworx has also introduced a rocker arm that the load cell cylinder system pressures up,  and by introducing variable durometer dampers that works against the rocker arm’s action, a very finely tuned end stop feel can easily be attained. In a good race pedal system, the pedal barely moves once the pads touch the rotor. A good racecar brake pedal feels like stepping on a brick once full pad pressure has been attained and that is achievable with this system. If that’s not to your liking, you can back it off by using the thumb screw and/or interchanging the supplied dampers. Brake feel is very subjective, that’s why all of these adjustments have been introduced.


Fully Adjustable to your style

The unique brake pedal geometry allows the brake pedal assembly to be adjustable in six ways, In-Out-Up-Down-Left-Right. The brake preload and stroke are also adjustable. The Brake Module assembly can be moved Left and Right relative to the clutch and throttle pedals on the billet alloy base.

The clutch pedal is adjustable up and down and has a realistic over centre clutch pressure plate release feel. The pressure is also adjustable. The accelerator pedal travel is also adjustable for stroke length. All these adjustments are supported by a heel riser that has an adjustable heel rest for precise foot control when under extreme racing pressure. The whole pedal box can also be easily moved forward and back to suit your own driving style.



  • Independent Pedal Modules

  • Billet Alloy Base

  • Hydraulically Loaded Brake

  • Load Cell Brake

  • Linear Sensors

  • Adjustable Brake Preload

  • Unique CNC Rocker Arm Brake Activation

  • Over Centre Loaded Clutch

  • Adjustable Clutch Pressure

  • Adjustable Accelerator Pedal Stroke

  • Billet CNC Anodised Pedal Pads

  • Adjustable Clutch Pedal Pad

  • Fully adjustable Brake Pedal Pad

  • 140kg maximum Brake pressure

  • Heel Rise Plate – 200mm Long

  • Optional Short 150mm “Flying” Heel Rest

  • Adjustable Heel Rest

  • 16 Bit Hi Resolution Electronics

  • Tough Powdercoat Finish

  • USB Plug & Play


Whats Included

1 x Simworx Pro GT V3.1 Pedal Set

1 x Simworx Pro GT Heel Rest option as selected

1 x A to B USB Cable

1 x Urethane Load Cell Rocker Arm Bushes

1 x Stainless Steel Bolt Pack

1 x User Manual

1 x Tool Set


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