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On the second level of the Paradice Entertainment Centre (Paradice Ice Rink). You can’t miss us once you go up the stairs!

Most certainly! Or you can race AI. Lots of race options are available

No. We have a wide range of tracks/cars. We can do Sprintcars, Drifting, F1 and most racing series.

We currently have Iracing, Automobilista, Assetto Corsa, and Dirt 2.0, to name a few.

Yes, we have all the main NZ tracks. This is also good for practicing before an actual race meet.

We do not have Western Springs track unfortunately but we have most international ones (IRACING). We are just excited for this as we are for the Supercars!

The sims are designed to be as realistic as possible. Because of this the seats allow a 40’ to 42’ waist maximum, as they are realistically sized racing seats. The motion will handle anything up to 110kg. It will still work with weights over 110kg, but won’t perform as well.

Not really. However, we do like to emphasise that this is more a teen/adult activity. Therefore we recommend only 12 and up.
Booking is not essential but recommended. We have a full scheduled booking system here on our website.
Yes. We have tried to allow a few extra minutes at the end of sessions for initial set up to ensure you get the most possible time on the machine. 
Yes. We will always have 2 staff members available to help out and assist when crashed!
Yes you can. Contact us for more info. We also run some great corporate packages with the rest of the Paradice Entertainment Centre. We will also open up outside our normal hours for this.
Yes! We have a few ideas up our sleeves for this. Keep an eye out.

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